Our aim

The aim of our project is to improve awareness of healthy eating habits together with healthy food and climate-focused choices. This means working with regional products, with an emphasis on biological, organic and ecological food production in climate friendly matter. It also means focusing on traditional regional cooking and recipes, using seasonal products but in a modernized way on aspects of health issues and on new styles of cooking using climate friendly ingredients.

The project is looking for a new über-healthy food and climate choice concept, that gives consumers climate-friendly meal options. The objective of this project is to strengthen and broaden catering education to meet the needs of the society and environment. The purpose is to find answer to the question what needs to be done to minimize the carbon footprint. The more concrete aim is to develop procedures to meet the needs of sustainable development and to produce climate and environment friendly meals. In the project we create an eBook that shows consumers climate friendly meal options, and at the same time provides information on climate friendly food consumption.

To attract the students to follow these new procedures, different kinds of competitions and pop-up restaurant concepts will be created. These enhance also the students’ entrepreneurial skills (eGuide) and help them in the future working life.

The project is developing cooperation between culinary vocational schools and colleges and working life in European countries in the fields of health, tourism & catering and environmental technologies, in Finland, Croatia and Italy. The project is a part of the European Union Erasmus + funding program implemented Healthy food choices for a sustainable future.

Why Open badges?

Open badges are a digital method to prove evidence of competencies. As they are an open standard that are not tied to any specific service or platform, this enables collecting them from different sources and displaying them on different platforms.

  • They are a modern, visual way of proving competencies that are slowly becoming more common.
  • They assist recognising and emphasising competencies gained via work and study.
  • They support attaching evidence in a variety of media types.

Open Badges require an application with attached evidence of the necessary competency. The applicant receives an email notification when the application has been approved as well instructions on how to accept the digital badge.

Received open badges can made visible once in your Open Badge Passport or Mozilla Backpack. You can also add them to your digital portfolios such as LinkedIn or WordPress blogs.

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