Pop-Up Restaurants



Thursday – 17/05/2018

10.00- 12.30 – welcome, introduction to Student Pop-Up Restaurants, Entrepreneurship
12.30- 14.00 – lunch and free time
14.00- 16.30 – workshop by Antti Tynkkynen, Fazer Culinary Team Finland: rainbow trout
16.30- 17.00 – coffee

Friday – 18/05/2018

09.00- 10.00 – introduction, inspection of ingredience
10.00- 12.00 – workshop by Linnea Vilhunen, YesYesYes
12.00- 13.30 – lunch and free time
13.30- 15.00 – workshop by Ossi Paloneva and Samuli Karjalainen, Satokausikalenteri and Sten-Göran Enbom from Jalofoods/Oy Soya Ab
16.30- 17.00 – coffee

Saturday – 19/05/2018

10.00- 11.30 – training, briefing and preparation
11.30- 13.30 – lunch and free time
13.30- 16.30 – preparation
16.30- 17.00 – coffee

Sunday – 20/05/2018

09.00- 11.00
10.45- 11.00 – transport
11.00- 12.00 – building of work spaces

12.00-18.00 all day a Pop-up restaurants day
“A food carnival when anyone can open a restaurant"

Monday – 21/05/2018

10.30- 11.00 – pic up from railway station
11.00- 13.00 – visiting the Cruise Ship by Heikki Tuovinen/ Silja Serenade Tallik Silja line
13.00- 13.30 – free time
13.30- 15.30 – Helsinki tour by Riitta Laitinen
17.00- 20.00 – dinner (YesYesYes)





The Pop-Up Restaurant day will be held in Espoo,
shopping Centre Entresse on 20th May (
http://entresse.fi/). Pop-Up restaurant event will be attended by Healthy Future partners.

The main idea of this event is to integrate theculinary promotion of regional cuisine and having fun together. The Restaurant
day’s aim is
to help the students gain entrepreneurial skills andcompetences. This enablesthem to gain both vocational and entrepreneurial practice during the activity.


The premises

The main two kitchens of the Institute will be available for the
participants. Before the beginning of the kitchen day, a work station shall be
appointed for each participant.


The pop-up restaurant recipe is requested for 50 persons.
Students must present ingredients for the recipes and work instructions in the order of the food preparation.

* Describe where available
GN dimensioning and manufacturing methods for dishes.

· The students need to create a menu (advance) accordingto the ingredients in the offered basket. Apart from the ingredients indicated,the menu must not contain anything else.

o Most people who go to Pop Up restaurants are looking for a food adventure- something new,
unique, and creative.

·The participants are required to abide all the rulesand regulations of the profession, which means, we expect them to show usculinary perfectly healthy and digestive food, to respect the rule of stackingdishes, and above all that the dishes look natural, delicious and harmonious.

  • The participants are required to keep their workplace tidy and clean throughout
    the kitchen day;

·The participants are required leaving behind clean and tidy station

Clothing rules:

  • All participants must wear appropriate clothingbefore the start of the kitchen day.
  • All participants must wear their work clothing in kitchen.
  • In the Pop Up restaurant day participants must wear appropriate clothing for customer service purposes


· Each team must prepare a Pop Up restaurant idea in advance. They have to:

o   open a blog

o   make a video (one to three minutes long), where they present themselves and their restaurant idea

o   they must choose from the posted list which tablecloths, napkins etc. they
want to use (the list will be sent on 23.3.2018)


· The menu, with the written description (the recipe)
should be delivered two weeks before the event (
at the latest) 6.5.2018.

o   the recipe for 50 small portions

o see attachment page 4

·       The competitors can get acquainted with the place (kitchen),
where they will be preparing the POP-UP menu (on Saturday).



Each team receives a number from the Organizer. The Organizer provides
baskets (boxes) with the team number on them containing identical amount of
products what each team has ordered. Same number will be used in the lottery to
select the KITCHEN in which the teams will prepare the items.

List of products:




· sprout /shoot salad



·onion (red onion, chives, yellow onion)




·smoked tofu

·soy milk

·oat milk

·coconut milk

·soya milk


Besides, Omnia will provide
the participants with:

·    a basket with a variety of spices and herbs however thesemust be ordered (according to the

50 small portions should be
prepared as “fast food” / small
tapas-style pits